Everyday Life in the Dollhouse World.

Image of an amazing dollhouse kit by Dollhouse Parts

So… I have been building dollhouses for more than 5 years.  In the dollhouse parts industry, that is a short time–however, I have been crafting models and kits for decades.  As a child, Ibuilt many buildings out of legos and then HO scale models and buildings.  Later, it molded into landscape scenes with model building integration… then ultimately it led to fully custom buildings, terrain, etc.

I have been thinking about where the inspiration comes from, the creativity and desire to create and build.  I figured it out – my Grandma from my Mom’s side.  She was a crafting junky (I mean that in the good way!).  She had the craft room, sewing, building, kiln in the garage, etc.  I remember watching her building this massive dollhouse over a decade.  Each piece, shingle, trim meticulously sanded, painted and placed.  It was something that literally came to life over a my young childhood.  I look back and realize now, that I am addicted to watching something develop, be created over time.

When I first launched the dollhouse parts business, I really had little idea about the business… However, I was and I am still full of passion!  I love ideas, concepts, creativity and building!  My Grandma has since passed, more than a decade now… So I started to thing about what gets me excited, what makes me think – I need to build that or at least, build it better!

Dollhouse Trim at Disneyland

Dollhouse Trim photo from Disneyland, located in front of the entrance near the gift shop.

I am blessed to live in Southern, CA. home and within close proximity to some very famous Victorian era homes, as well as home to Disneyland!  The reality is that when I go place with my family: Balboa Park in San Diego, Disneyland in Anaheim or the painted ladies in San Francisco – I don’t geek out about the typical tourist things – I get crazy about the painting detail on a first level corbel and how that ties into the decorative window header 10′ away!  Yep – I find delight in the details.

This was SO clear on our last trip to Disney!  While waiting for my wife to checkout, I was outside and marveled at the trim that was above a building – the building for the lockers and bathroom… But WOW! it was so clean and simple, I thought what products can we create that would create value!

So… We are currently working on a bookcase “book” facade and hope to have that available in the coming weeks… but what’s next?  I want to connect with our social media crowd, customers, etc. to find out what we should create next!  A gazebo, new headers and other dollhouse parts? or something completely different.  Stay Tuned and join our newsletter for up to date products and more!

– Chris

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