Learn More about Custom Dollhouse Parts

Custom Dollhouse Parts

Learn More about Custom Dollhouse Parts

When we initially began designing and fabricating parts back in 2007 / 2008, we were focused exclusively on “parts”.  What I mean by that is parts which can be packaged and sold in a store or online.  We ultimately were missing the creative element that ultimately came out once we began to connect with more people.  We have seen the parts we created taken to the next level – often times in ways that I would never have imagined.  Ultimately, a new idea was born from seeing the photos coming in… What if we offered all of our products as a custom order option…  What this means, is that our shoppers could customize either the height or width of a product (we can allow both, otherwise the proportion and patterns would get messed up).  Once they have configured it, they can choose the wood thickness and then ultimately have a product which directly fits their project.

I realized this after working on my own projects, like many things we need to experience it ourselves to realize that there should be a better option.  I needed something that was literally 1/8″ shorter, but that wasn’t an option.  I had to cut, fabricate, adjust and tweak until I got exactly what I needed.  Since I was working with metal, it did offer some options, but it was still hard.

Then, out of the blue we got an email – the question was simply – HOW BIG can you cut a specific part!  At that time, it was a 1/2 wall room divider – The final height was 22″ tall!  It is sitting on my work desk now, leaned against the wall and it looks awesome there!  That is when we began working to understand how we could offer a customizer on the front-end of the website that would allow shoppers to configure their products, get that porch spandrel the exact width you need, or a bracket that is 1/8″ small so that it will fit specifically your project!

Our goal is to continue to do more with the products, so that we can find ways to enhance the craft and hobby world of dollhouse kits.  Ultimately, we have realized that we aren’t just dollhouse parts any longer.  The product can be used for home design and I am sure many other things that we cannot even dream up of right now.  We are excited and hopeful to launch the customizer soon!

Custom Height Dollhouse Parts