Buy Dollhouse Fretwork

Dollhouse Fretwork comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Fretwork is found throughout Victorian era homes, used on porches, inside as roof type room dividers and more.  Victorian era architecture was a perfect mix of timing, design and style.  As the railroads in the US began to come online, it provided the framework for Victorian architecture to spread.  In the often dark, dreary times–home builders began to inject their creativity into the homes. The architecture quickly became an art, and the style became a movement.

In the past, fretwork was milled, cut and built by hand.  This process is molding nature into art at its best.  Today, with computers – we can link routers or lasers and produce perfect replicas.  Our dollhouse parts fretwork was designed for miniature enthusiasts.  Whether integrated into a porch, inside a dollhouse or another project.  The detail is amazing, the quality is top notch and the historical relevance is not lost.

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