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Custom Dollhouse Parts

When we initially began designing and fabricating parts back in 2007 / 2008, we were focused exclusively on “parts”.  What I mean by that is parts which can be packaged and sold in a store or online.  We ultimately were missing the creative element that ultimately came out once we began to connect with more […]

How Products Come to Life | Dollhouse Books

Dollhouse Books If you follow us on Facebook, you without a doubt have seen our new dollhouse books.  The idea of using a facade for books instead of individual pieces came to me when I was at Disneyland.  Think about how Hollywood builds sets, the typically only build from facade of a building to save […]

DollhouseParts.com New Website Launches, Featuring Custom Dollhouse Parts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 4th, 2014 – http://www.dollhouseparts.com launched a new retail website with more than 150 unique dollhouse parts.  DollhouseParts.com features products designed and manufactured in the United States.  For the past 5 years, their team of craftsman has been working on custom dollhouse projects around the world.  Late in 2013, the owners of […]

Everyday Life in the Dollhouse World.

So… I have been building dollhouses for more than 5 years.  In the dollhouse parts industry, that is a short time–however, I have been crafting models and kits for decades.  As a child, Ibuilt many buildings out of legos and then HO scale models and buildings.  Later, it molded into landscape scenes with model building […]

Dollhouse Windows

Dollhouse Windows provide a way to add character to a new dollhouse. There are many types of dollhouse windows, including working and non-working dollhouse windows. Typically, dollhouse windows are inserted into pre-cut areas of the dollhouse, they are often glued in place and then held there with tape until the glue has dried. Most dollhouse […]

Box of Prototypes… Engineering and Manufacturing

If you follow us on facebook, you may have seen my post yesterday.. A box of dollhouse parts, amazing detail, some are just parts while others are still in the “case” that we use to ship.  But this box has an amazing story to tell, something that I would never have imagined just over 5 […]